Welcome to Smile.Rip. I made this site in protest of feeling bullied by the internet and social media. As, we all know the censorship and the data privacy crap sucks. I feel like I am being force fed ads all day. I have no personalization of my space online and on top of that all it's in the midst of a huge goverment money man string pulling rah rah rah. ANYWAYS! There was and STILL IS a place for you online. And Yes, there is some work invovled but, I am here to do my best to try and get you moving on having you own space online to say and do and post whatever you want. While challenging yourself to code some simple CSS/HTML + whatever else you wanna do.

First Step: Start!
I use neocities as my host. It's FREE and the community on here rocks. So, make an account on neocities.

Second Step: Get your code going..
If you savy from back in the myspace/tumblr days then this type of coding will start to feel familair but, if you are not here are some links to pages that can help you. Honestly it's just alot of copy and pasting and tweaking things and spending an hour trying to get something to work only to find out there was a missing semi-colon somewhere.

This layout maker is pretty staright forward and will give you all you need to start messing around with some code. And you can just copy and paste it right into your website! I even made this site using it + loads of edits and add ons!
HTML Layout Maker by sadgrl.online

Third Step: Customize!

I am always on this page. When I have to google something like "How to make a div the same size as another div" or "How to make falling objects fall behind content" or so on and so on. You can always find an another no matter how dumb you think you are phrasing something on google.
Copy + Paste codes

Life is so much easier with Photopea. I even have photoshop (bootleg) and I still use Photopea more because, it's so fast and easy when it comes to making things. Plus it's FREE!
PhotoPea (Free Browser Based Photoshop)

This site is cool because, you can just make endless logos and things. I love making weird ass combos on there and it rocks because, you can set the background to transparent on there easy.
Flaming Text!

Everyone needs a guestbook heh..
Free Guestbook!

+ You can find so much more just exploring the web! I use https://archive.org/web/ to go back and look at sites from even the 90's and find graphics and stuff on there. Looking up old Myspace codes or scouring tumblr for hours. I spend so much time finding things I like and saving them I have quite a collection of some of my fav. things I've saved on my computer just because, they brought me joy lol --> here are some


Cool neocities sites!

Sites that are cool!

Rave Preservation Project
Blinkie Maker
Style Dollz
The Geocities Gallery
catbox file sharing
Drive & Listen