1.My grandpa once: shot a man.
2.Never in my life have I: shot a man.
3.When I was younger, I: shot a man.
4.High school was: pretty wack. dropped out when i was a sophmore.
5.When I'm nervous: i literally die..
6.The last time I really cried was: shit i forgot but prob a couple months ago?
7.If I were to get married right now: shit...
8.My hair is: unkeeeepppmt
9.My feet are: cute
10.When I was 5: i was just a little turd in s.f with my hot teen mom
11.Last Christmas: i got lots of new tree decorations
12.When I turn my head left: i see a banana pillow
13.When I turn my head right: i see another banana pillow
14.My life is not complete without: banana pillows
15.By this time next year: shit i dont know. hopefully be living in a sicker place.
16.I have a hard time understanding: alot of things.
17.One time at a family gathering: i clogged the toilet and everyone was going crazy and i was so embarassed because, it wasn't my family.
18.Take my advice: do as i say not as i do
19.My ideal breakfast is: soylent!
20.If you visit my hometown: ur prob gonna party.
21.My friends are: all cute
22.If you spend the night at my house: we will do all these arts and crafts and watch youtube and listen to music and vibe out.
23.I would stop my wedding if: If my bf was cheating or doing something dumb.
24.The world could do without: Mosquitos
25.I'd rather lick the belly of a cockroach than: shit iono eat some dookie
26.The most recent thing I've bought myself is: anything i want lol
27.And, by the way: im watching a doc about north korea rn
28.The last time I was high: was rn
29.In the past I shouldn't have been: so dumb
30.Once, at a bar/club: i screamed at my friend's rapist in front of everyone and smashed a bottle and scared the shit out of him and i felt so cool and she thanked me lol!
31.Last night, I: slept all crazy
32.If I didn't have any obligations tomorrow: lol i dont HA!
33.A better name for me would be: marijuana pepsi
34.In the last 6 months: ive been just tripping all the damn time and i hate it here.
35.If I ever go back to school: i'd prob drop out again lol
36.I bet you didn't know: im addicted to nicotine
37.I am: coding all day today
38.I read: codes all day
39.Every birthday: i wanna gather with my friends
40.I regret: nothing